Workspace Management

The workspace of the future is agile and alive

In the future, the traditional office is obsolete and the workplace is not limited to a physical space. The modern work environment is an ever-evolving organism that reacts to external influences and internal needs. It is a business tool that optimises resources, minimises costs and supports innovation. This modern ecosystem is made out of 3 interdependent parts.



The adaptable modular workspace supports workflow, allows flexibility and provides for innovative collaboration yet leaves space for privacy, a place to focus and relax.


Engaging, adaptable and accommodating environment attracts top talent, supports their happiness, reinforces company culture and increases productivity.


The technological automation and tailored services provide vital support for smooth and effective business flow, the mundane tasks are left to machines.

We put people at the forefront and use the latest tools to design a flexible workspace solution for your future-business

Whether you are creating a flexible workplace, developing a coworking or simply seeking an inspiring environment for your agile teams, our cutting-edge process takes all important factors into consideration. Our complex research and predictive tools crunch the data. The top specialists we bring on board give our analytical tools a human touch. The functionality of our design solution is guaranteed by the A-Z development and the continuous improvement process.

Indepth Research

Taking into consideration trends and best practices we collect data, feedback and ideas directly from end users and clients.


Feasibility Analysis

Collected data are analysed by the unique predictive software and paired with the analysis of capacities, potential and business opportunity of the space.

Feasibility analysis

Design Solution

Based on the feasibility study our specialists design the layout, operation services, brand identity, business plan and prepare project specifications.


Execution Management

We take care of project management, construction supervision, sourcing of suppliers and any other key activities for you, including onboarding and hiring.


Operations & Improvements

During the pilot, we analyse and adjust the design, set up reporting and regular monitoring to ensure top quality and continuous improvement of your workspace.


Unlock the unused potential and create extra revenue of your space

Work requirements are rapidly changing and demand flexibility. Businesses are moving away from the rigid and open spaces to provide idea and innovation-driven workspaces for their teams. Flexible workers and entrepreneurs seek serviced temporary workspaces during their travels in various places of convenience. The opportunity to create a top-notch and profitable workspace environment is everywhere and it’s just the beginning!


Flexible corporate workspace

Flexible corporate workspaces

Innovation Labs & Incubators

Coworkings & Shared Offices

Commercial & Public Workspaces

28-29.11.2019, Cubex, Prague


We are co-organisers of the Workspace Summit 2019, an international event that connects people, technology and design in the heart of Europe. The occasion brings the best from the latest trends in the future of work and workspace presented by the top professionals from around the world. Find out more here.

Our Projects

K10 Coworking Meeting room

K10 Coworking

K10 is a custom-made coworking villa in Prague founded in 2016, now a part of Impact Hub network. We developed the concept, designed the space, provided necessary services, introduced automated technologies, hired and trained staff, led operations and organised the sale.

Idea Delivery Lab

IDL is a flexible corporate office across the whole floor in a multifunctional building in Prague. We developed the concept, design and solutions according to specific needs and challenges of the client.

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